Kevin Russo Photography is seeking tattooed moms and their children ( infant through teens ) for a photo project.  We are looking for mothers of all races and religions to participate in a photo project dedicated to mothers with prominent ink. We are seeking mothers with tattoos on their arms, backs, legs, or midsection. In the year 2022 there is still a stigma and prejudice attached to being a tattooed woman. This project is an attempt to alleviate that stigma by showing tattooed moms with their children in an artistic fashion that portrays the love and bonding of mother and child. All participating moms will receive 5 free digital downloads and 1 print up to 13” x 19”.
All moms will be required to sign a release form and answer a questionnaire prior to the photo session.
If you are interested in participating in this project, please send a brief message about yourself and your child as well as the prominence of your tattoos by clicking here
Kevin Russo –Photographer.